Maggie Glossop - Fibre artist  

    Artist Statement



Rocks, water, trees and sky  -  these are the subjects of my art.  I am drawn to and draw strength from the natural environment around me.  Through my work I invite the viewer to focus on the beauty that is all around us but is often overlooked.  I hope to awaken the viewer - to see again or perhaps to see for the first time with new eyes, and having seen, appreciate what was always there.  My chosen medium with which I depict the beauty of nature is itself organic.  I work with sheep wool and other animal and vegetable fibres each with its own personality, its own ability to absorb or reflect light.  Starting with a pile of dry fluffy wool and other fibres that I have dyed, I arrange them to create an image.  Then using only my hands, some warm water and the magic that is feltmaking, I  help the individual fibres to become a strong piece of fabric that hopefully captures in its image some of the beauty that is in my mind's eye.

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