From The Source - commission for Trent University
Maggie with 'From the Source' in Alumni House at Trent
Autumn - one of 8 panels 'The Seasons By The River' for Dovercourt Recreation Centre


close up of Autumn - part of 16 foot panel of The Seasons'

In 2020 ''Seasons by the River'' was moved to a new location at the Dovercourt Recreation Centre.  The original eight large ceiling-hung panels were cut into 24 individual pieces  and are now mounted high on the walls of the new space.






"All Is One" Collaboration with Margaret Dunsmore - now hanging at Focus Eye Centre in Ottawa
Wendy's cottage in Autumn
Wendy's cottage in Winter





In November 2016 I participated in a show at Gallery 200 in Ottawa in which the the challenge was to create wearable art. I chose to create a costume for a figment of my imagination -- Flora - the younger sister of Zena warrior princess, herself a ficticious character.   Not only younger, but also gentler,  Flora has no wish to go to battle, but chooses instead to spend her time in fields and forest communing with Nature.   When approached by an aggressor rather than fighting, she hides under her 'cloak of invisibility' a giant spider web.  However, if the attacker is not fooled, she does have a weapon - her magic walking stick which she uses to turn her enemies into catapillars.  By doing so she forces the opponent to take a time out while forming a chrysalis and eventually morphing into a beautiful gentle creature like herself.



Flora's outfit with cloak and magic walking stick





 Spring 2017 saw a 'portrait' show set up in Gallery 200. This was my artist statement beside


                                                                                                                                       " Artist Emerging"


Always a landscape artist I took up the challenge of this portrait show by pulling out all the different types of wool, hair and filament in my studio and then waited for the artist within to emerge from the fibres -  much as I emerged as a landscape artist instead of a weaver/spinner after I discovered the ancient art of feltmaking well over 3 decades ago.


Materials used were:  wool ( many different sheep breeds) Mohair,

Cashmere, Silk, Alpace, Llama, Qiviuk( Musk Ox ) Mountain Goat, AngoraRabbit, Artic Fox, Chinchilla, Possum, Dog ( Samoyed and Husky), Cat ( grey domestic short hair named Oliver) Flax, Hemp and Ramie.






In 2021 I was introduced to the Dumoine River area of the Upper Ottawa Valley, an area of relatively untouched wilderness with undammed rivers.   I joined many others who wish to protect it from encroachment by unwanted development, but at the same time wish to explore and celebrate its beauty and wildness and encourage others to do so as well.  As such, I volunteer with the Friends of Dumoine ( CPAWS (Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society- Ottawa Valley Chapter) by creating art to be donated to funraising events.




In the past year I have added Eco Dyeing and Eco Printing to my creative activity.  While out in the woods seeking inspiration for my artwork, I collect leaves from plants and trees that I use to 'print'  on paper or on fabric.   I first dip the paper or fabric in rusty water ( bits of old rusty iron, spikes and horseshoes impart iron to the water I soak them in)  and then when the leaves are pressed firmly to the fabric or paper and steamed or boiled,  the iron draws the tannin from the leaves, leaving a wonderful image behind.  I enjoy finding clothing in thrift shops that are just waiting to be given a new life with the addition of some artistically placed leaves and my printed paper makes wonderful art cards.

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