"My experience is that the Canadian Landscape, in fact all of Nature, exudes a powerful energy.  I would hope that this power finds expression in my art and resonates in those who view it."




Maggie Glossp is a self taught artist.  She received an undergraduate degree from Trent University and then trained in Great Britain as a psychiatric nurse.  However, while in England she was also introduced to the textile arts and chose to pursue that path instead. She first explored the creative use of fibres as a spinner and weaver, but 30 years ago she joined the vanguard of textile artists exploring the use of feltmaking as a medium for fine art.


She blends wool with a wide range of more exotic animal and vegetable fibres:  silk, cashmere, angora, mohair, alpaca, qiviut, flax and hemp to create her unique art form.  After laying down a base of white wool fibre, Maggie arranges coloured fibres, most of which she has dyed herself, on the surface to create the desired image.  Then, using hot water, pressure and manipulation, she processes the fibres until they all matt together forming a unified piece of felted fabric.


Maggie finds inspiration for her work while out exploring her 'home and native land' in a kayak or hiking boots in summer and on skis or showshoes in winter.  Back in her studio she uses natural fibres to express her passion for the natural environment which surrounds us.  Althought they are often mistaken for paintings, close examination of Maggie's felted landscapes reveals an unexpected depth and textural quality that characterizes this unique art form


Maggie has taught in most provinces and in as many states, sharing her enthusiasm and creativity with young and old.  She has received many awards and grants to support and further her work which is displayed in public, corporate and private spaces.




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